Pathways Counselling Watford

What is Counselling?

There are many different types of counselling. I practice confidential one to one counselling where you have the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings about experiences in your life.   You might experience feeling stuck or unable to explore certain emotions/situations with others.  Maybe you have tried to talk with friends or family but still feel unable to move forward. You might experience a situation in life such as a loss or a stressful event that has lead to life feeling full of anxiety, anger or distress. My role is not to judge but to work with you in partnership so you might be able to find a way forward or open up different paths in life that are right for you. 

Patterns of how you feel about yourself or other relationships might be seen and linked with previous experiences. This could enable you to view yourself and other relationships in different ways and open up new or different paths to understanding yourself and in your life. 

I offer open ended and short term counselling.  Open ended counselling is where we work together with no fixed ending but review together when an ending might feel appropriate. Short term counselling is usually between 6 to 12 weeks. When we meet for the initial assessment I will be able to advise you whether short term or open ended counselling might be appropriate.

I work with people who are 16 and over. I practice and abide by the BACP Code of Ethics and therefore work openly with any race, sexuality, culture, ethnicity or gender. 

People who come to see me have a range of experiences that bring them to counselling such as bereavement, domestic violence, divorce, anxiety, loss, self esteem issues and depression.